Warrior Custom Golf Complaints

Warrior Custom Golf Complaints: Free JCB Wedge

Free JBC Wedge: Golfer and his Golf Club Are you looking for a free golf wedge? There are several places online where you can get a Warrior Custom Golf lob wedge absolutely free. Here are some of the places we have found.

Get a free Hybrid or
Lob Wedge

Warrior Golf Technology

http://www.warriorgolftechnology.com/ is where the Warrior Custom Golf offers a test play program. They give you a FREE* lob wedge if you participate in their FREE* test play program. It's a great wedge that boasts a smooth surface to give the golfer better spin, more consistent control, and a dead stop onto the green.

Free Wedge Certificate

http://www.freewedgecert.com/ is another site for a FREE* wedge. This site also allows you to get a wedge FREE* from Warrior Custom Golf.

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